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Praying Mantis –Sanctuary dlp


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Double album on black vinyls with gatefold sleeve and one side lazer etched. Limited 300 copies

England’s Praying Mantis was one of the more melodic bands to emerge from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal scene. They combined a Thin Lizzy-style twin guitar approach with Def Leppard-like vocal harmonies, resulting in a sound not unlike later-day Rainbow. Originally named Junction, the band was formed in the late ’70s by brothers Tino (vocals/guitar) and Chris Troy (bass/vocals). They released a three-track demo, Captured City, in 1980, and the title track also appeared in the highly influential Metal For Muthas compilation. The band were soon signed to BMG Europe, and proceeded to record their debut album, Time Tells No Lies, released in 1981. It achieved modest success (by NWOBHM standards), and first single “Cheated” charted respectfully, earning Praying Mantis a slot on the prestigious Reading Festival. Regrettably, the band became embroiled in business and legal disputes with their management soon after, resulting in a year-long hiatus from recording or touring, and completely stalling their career. Then, in a Spinal Tap-ish twist of fate, the band found themselves enjoying a renaissance in Japan, prompting a reformation (with ex-Iron Maiden singer Paul DiAnno) and tour in 1990, which yielded the Live at Last LP. After that it feels like the band had some sort of rebirth and they continues to record albums since then. Their 2009 album, Sanctuary, is a fantastic album and it has to be rated as one of their best albums of all time. A slightly newer sound but still classic Mantis at heart. If you hear this without knowing which band it is you would probably think its one of those mega rock bands from Usa and instead it is this English band that produce music that remain in the shadow of the far inferior corporation stuff, what a shame. Sanctuary sees Mantis return to the level of the excellent Nowhere To Hide and Forever In Time. The opening track, In Time, a trade mark Mantis song sets the tone for the rest of the album though there are even better songs to follow. New singer Mike Freeland does a fine job and new drummer Benji Reid combines with Chris Troy on bass to form for the best ever Mantis rhythm section. Lots of some really soaring melodies, brilliant, melodic tunes and choruses with the usual high standard guitar work from Tino Troy. Top drawer production too. If you’re fans of NWOBHM, or enjoy the music of Steve Perry, Journey, Rainbow, Whitesnake and other melodic rock bands then give this album a listen – you’ll love it.

Track list:
1. In Time
2. Restless Heart
3. Tears In The Rain
4. So High
5. Turn The Tide
6. Touch The Rainbow
7. Threshold Of A Dream
8. Playing God
9. Broken Chains
10. Higway
11. Sanctuary

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