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Pretty Boy Floyd ‎–Kiss Of Death: A Tribute To Kiss lp [clear]


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Clear vinyl.

Kiss Of Death is Pretty Boy Floyd’s tribute album to the gods of New York glam, Kiss. The album features supercharged versions of Shout It Out Loud, Detroit Rock City, Strutter, I Love It Loud as well as 8 other classics. Kiss Of Death is a virtual wet dream for fans of both of these larger-than-life bands. Pretty Boy Floyd founding member Kristy Majors leads the attack with his razor sharp guitar alongside vocalist Steve Summers who together breathe new life into the classic metal anthems of Gene Simmons and Co. From the very beginning, Pretty Boy Floyd wore their influences on their black fishnet sleeves. Even the name of their 1989 debut album, Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz, was a tongue-in-cheek tip of the hat to their glamorous heroes Sweet, Kiss, New York Dolls all the bands who believed that rock music wasn’t just music; it was a show, a spectacle, a lifestyle. Pretty Boy Floyd certainly carried the torch of theatrical rock with its Top 20 MTV videos I Wanna Be With You and Rock And Roll Is Gonna Set The Night On Fire. Trends have come and gone but Kiss have survived and thrived, recording new music for a loyal fan base and still touring the world.

Track list:
1. King Of The Night Time World
2. I Stole Your Love
3. I Love It Loud
4. Goin’ Blind
5. Deuce
6. Detroit Rock City
7. Firehouse
8. Love Gun
9. Shout It Out Loud
10. Christine 16
11. Strutter
12. Black Diamond

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