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Primal Fear -Rulebreaker cd/dvd


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Still sealed digipak edition with 2 bonus tracks and a bonus dvd

If you are talking about today’s top European heavy metal acts, then the discussion must involve Germany’s Primal Fear. Former Gamma Ray vocalist Ralf Scheepers and bassist/vocalist Mat Sinner, two of Germany’s most respected metal musicians, founded the band in late 1997 and are certainly one of the most beloved and respected Heavy Metal bands in the world. For the past few years they have been delivering the metal with an increased fervour – their last two albums (Unbreakable and Delivering The Black) right up there with some of the best power metal the world has to offer. And despite the departure of drummer Randy Black, they have not lost any momentum in the rolling out of their 11th studio album Rulebreaker, an album which shares much in common with its stellar predecessor. The dynamic duo has perfected the art of producing/recording classic metal as these songs have plenty of punch, crunch and shred. For me, Scheepers remains one of the top 5 metal singers out there right now – his vocal style absolutely perfect for this metal. Beyrodt, Naumann and Karlsson drive the leads while Sinner anchors this wall of guitars with his staunch bass. Francesco Jovino rounds out the 6 man ensemble – his drumming perfectly complimenting the band’s Priest meets Accept style rhythm approach. Songwise, its all good, and it’s all metal but the highlights for me this time around would definitely be In Metal We Trust (the perfect metal anthem!), Rulebreaker and the absolutely killer epic track We Walk Without Fear, which reminds me a lot of One Night In December but even better, even more passionate and brutal. Consistently great, the Fear have once again delivered the metal with pace, power and pride.

Track listing:
1. Angels Of Mercy
2. The End Is Near
3. Bullets And Tears
4. Rulebraker
5. In Metal We Trust
6. We Walk Without Fear
7. At War With The World
8. The Devil In Me
9. Constant Heart
10. The Sky Is Burning
11. Raving Mad
12. Final Call
13. Dont Say Youve Never Been Warned

Dvd listing:
1. Making Of Rulebreaker
2. Angels Of Mercy-video
3. The End Is Near-video

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