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Primal Fear -The History Of Fear dvd/cd


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Dvd with bonus cd

The History Of Fear is the first live dvd of German metal band Primal Fear. It captures two live sets of Primal Fear; The first is a club show in support of their latest-at the time- studio album Black Sun (2002) while the second is a festival appearance at Wacken Open Air 2001 at the time promoting their Nuclear Fire(2000) album (the Wacken show is also included on audio cd in this package). Both sets capture the band at incredible artistic heights with set list emphasis on the two albums they were promoting at the time. Experienced fans rightfully expect high pitched vocal attack, metallic riffs, double bass impact, twin guitar melodies and extensive solos sealing a heavy, melodic and catchy-as metal gets- show. The line up is consistent on both shows featuring iconic singer Ralf Scheepers, bassist Mat Sinner, guitarists Stefan Leibing and Henny Wolter and drummer Klaus Sperling. One also has to clarify that the set-list of the shows is substantially differentiated with only one song Chainbreaker being performed on both concerts. You know that this band is great on the heavier and faster songs but on the indoor show you can also see them perform two power ballads; Tears Of rage and Under Your Spell which shows the bands depths and talents. A must have dvd

Track list:
1. Angel In Black-Wacken Open Air 2001
2. Battalions Of Hate-Wacken Open Air 2001
3. Nuclear Fire-Wacken Open Air 2001
4. Chainbreaker-Wacken Open Air 2001
5. Eye Of An Eagle-Wacken Open Air 2001
6. Fight The Fire-Wacken Open Air 2001
7. Running In The Dust-Wacken Open Air 2001
8. Silver And Gold-Wacken Open Air 2001
9. Final Embrace-Wacken Open Air 2001
10. Angel In Black (reprise)-Wacken Open Air 2001
11. Chainbreaker-Black Sun Tour 2001
12. Black Sun-Black Sun Tour 2001
13. Church Of Blood-Black Sun Tour 2001
14. Mindcontrol-Black Sun Tour 2001
15. Under Your Spell-Black Sun Tour 2001
16. Fear-Black Sun Tour 2001
17. Tears Of Rage-Black Sun Tour 2001
18. Armageddon-Black Sun Tour 2001
19. Living For Metal-Black Sun Tour 2001
20. Medley
21. Angel In Black-video 2001
22. Armageddon-video 2002
23. Metal Warrior Report-Wacken 1999
24. The Bus From Hell-scenes from 1998 to 2003 tours

Cd track list: Official Live Bootleg – Live In Wacken 2001
1. Introduction
2. Angel In Black
3. Battalions Of Hate
4. Nuclear Fire
5. Chainbreaker
6. Eye Of An A Eagle
7. Fight The Fire
8. Running In The Dust
9. Silver And Gold
10. Final Embrace
11. Angel In Black-reprise

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