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Prins Svart -Sanning/Makt pic disc


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Picture disc. Limited 300 copies

Sanning | Makt (Truth | Power) is Prins Svart’s fourth release and the first with new singer Mats Levén (ex-Candlemass, Yngwie Malmsteen, Skyblood) on lead vocals. Prins Svart combines the old with the new and have carved out a niche for themselves by combining classic rock sounds with Swedish lyrics. The band’s unique profile has been shaped by musical experiences from playing with greats such as Michael Schenker, Yngwie Malmsteen, and Glenn Hughes, and touring and recording with the bands Grand Magus, Tiamat, Candlemass, Therion, and The Poodles. The picture disc version of Sanning/Makt features 8 selected tracks from the album and it marks a new era for the band.

Track list:
1. Ultra
2. Sanning/Makt
3. Speglar Och Dimma
4. Jeriko
5. Vargtimmen
6. De Odödliga
7. Ge Mig Krutet
8. Brödraskapet

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MEM 009