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Profanatica -Profanatitas De Domonatia MC


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Us pressed music cassette with bonus live material. Red cassette with black text. Limited 300 copies

Profanatica: the original masters of mesmerizing filth, barbaric simplicity, heavy metal’s minimal-is-maximal ideal alternately taken to its most retarded and most enlightened end(s). No introduction should be necessary. Alas, since the band’s original dissolution in 1992 and vocalist/drummer Paul Ledney subsequently sallying forth with the more concertedly primitive Havohej, only two releases of new Profanatica recordings resulted – one a two-song 7″, the other a download track – leaving the promise/premise of a Profanatica full-length otherwise unfulfilled. Enter the overwhelmingly anticipated Profanatitas De Domonatia, the band’s official debut album following their sporadic rebirth at the beginning of this millennium. Does it meet expectations? Exceed them, or fail them? How high do those expectations need to be, anyway? Only you can decide, which ultimately hinges upon how proportionally fanatical you are about Profanatica. This much is certain, and from as coolly biased a perspective as possible: Profanatitas De Domonatia is everything a Profanatica full-length record should be, no more and no less. It immediately sounds exactly like Profanatica, yet never a whiff of total deja vu. It is strict and sleazy, militant yet molten. Its waves of unfettered filth wash over you with a stench of familiarity, only because very few bands ever could milk lock-step simplicity quite like this. If anything, this is Profanatica at their heaviest, the guitar/bass impossibly thick and molasses-like, and rarely has Ledney’s paradigmatic vocal blasphemy ever sounded this possessed, this stretched into the shit-strewn sewers of black metal’s primeval underbelly.

Track list:
1. Master Of Man Absolute
2. Unto Us He Is Born
3. Mocked Scourged And Spit Upon
4. Scourging And Crowning
5. God Dethroned In Heaven
6. Cursed Nazarene Whore
7. Palid Savior
8. Profanation Of The Gods
9. Them That Dwell In Heaven
10. Betrayal Of The Lamb
11. Spilling Holy Blood-live
12. Final Hour Of Christ-live
13. Weeping In Heaven-live
14. I Arose-live
15. Of Pestilence-live
16. Crucifixion Wounds-live
17. Outro-live
18. Tormenting Holy Flesh-live
19. Medley-live
20. Untitled-live
21. Scouring and Crowning-live
22. Of Pestilence-live
23. Macabre-live

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