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Profanatica –Sickened By Holy Host dlp


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Double album with one white and one black vinyl. Both vinyls are laser etched.

The original purveyors of bleeding-raw black metal barbarity and mesmerizing filth; this is not a new Profanatica album but an 39 minute mini-album in two versions. The album features 5 new songs plus 2 old classics written and recorded by Ledney with a session member. The performance on this work is much like their primitive Necrovore-ous atrocities committed in the early 90s and allows for safe assumption of what could have been heard on their long-lost album, The Raping Of The Virgin Mary. Meanwhile the second album features the same titles but written and recorded by Gelso alongside the same drums and vocals performed on the first album. The execution of this session continues in the more musical direction showcased on their first two albums and incorporates soundscapes sonically compiled by the late Aragon Amori. The end result is nothing short of devastating, and the vast contrast between these two sessions takes on the form of an album in itself that is sure to appeal to both old and new devotees of the black cult.

Track list:
1. As Tears Of Blood Stain The Altar Of Christ-Ledney version
2. Jehovah Fading-Ledney version
3. Holy Trinity Done-Ledney version
4. Sickened By Holy Host-Ledney version
5. God Blessed Them-Ledney version
6. Your Crucifixion Your Death-Ledney version
7. Adorn His Crown With Maggots-Ledney version
8. As Tears Of Blood Stain The Altar Of Christ-Gelso version
9. Jehovah Fading-Gelso version
10. Holy Trinity Done-Gelso version
11. Sickened By Holy Host-Gelso version
12. God Blessed Them-Gelso version
13. Your Crucifixion Your Death-Gelso version
14. Adorn His Crown With Maggots-Gelso version

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