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Profundi -The Omega Rising MC


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Swedish pressed music cassette. Black cassette with white text. Limited 100 numbered copies

Produndi is a side project from the Naglfar and Thyfring member Jens Ryden. We all know Jens talents and here he sounds like a full band that could compete with the best of the Scandinavian black metal juggernauts. It is no exaggeration to say that his debut album, The Omega Rising, borrows with the utmost respect from the likes of Emepror and Dissection, and mixing with it his own quality brand of semi-epic, ferociously ripping, and darkly melodic black metal madness. It’s not so much that Ryden has created a new genre or produced a work that will make you forget the masters; it is simply that the man has proven his worth as a songwriter and a master of all things dark and destructive. What is most impressive is that through all the swirling madness of evil chords, creepy organ lines, dive-bombing solos, and Ryden’s hair-raising shriek, melody is never very far below the fray. The album has the atmosphere, the aggression, and the songs to make a spine-tingling and all-around pleasurable listen. Very well done.

Track list:
1. Of Flesh And Blood
2. Unanimation
3. Split-Tounged
4. The Omega Rising
5. Coffinborn
6. Silent Hosts Of Decay
7. Engulfed In Hellfire
8. Lifeless, Cold And Crimson
9. Out Of The Evening Mist

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