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Puissance -State Collapse cd


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A solid Puissance album, with some nice cinematic hymns which belong to the best work of Puissance. Bombastic orchestral sounds, atmospheric neo-classical synth music, some militant drumming and dark spoken words. Directly familiar sounds the opening track Trace Elements, with its overwhelimg choirs. Of course thematically the mood is grim as usual, we are told again by Moller and Soderlund that the world is utterly miserable. The spoken words are perhaps not as charismatic as those of Boyd Rice, Michael Moynihan or Coph Nia, but still the pessimistic message is clearly spread. Most of the material is what you would expect from Puissance, with a few surprising nuances.

Track listing
1. Trace Elements
2. Raining Vengeance
3. State Collapse
4. No Enemy
5. Bringer Of Closure
6. Self Degradation
7. Resorting To War
8. Chemical

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