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Punto Omega –Nostalgias Del Origen dcd [A5]


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Still sealed limited double cd set in A5 digipak cover

Argentina’s EBM / Electro act Punto Omega debuted with a self titled album in 2004. The follow up, Nostalgias Del Origen, followed two years later and it improves on their debut on all levels. The production level is one of the highest in the market, not only in the electronic genre. They show that hard work and creativity are enough to compensate for modest resources when it comes to creating an uncompromised work of art. This album appeals to a wide public while still maintaining cohesion and coherence from beginning to end. For those who have listened the band’s previous work, expect more of everything in this release. The melodies and rhythms are more varied than before, they have more guest singers, more analog instruments, while still staying true to the trademark lyrics and music that you have come to love from this band. Nostalgias Del Origen takes us in an introspective journey through internal landscapes, encouraging us to reflect on the moral of our way of life. The album starts with a masterful introduction, with bagpipes played by Pilgrim himself letting us know that the journey has begun. It soon develops into the martial, dance-floor stomping rhythms of the first part, called The Exile (El Destierro), whose tidal waves transition into the calmer melodies of the second part, appropriately named The Return (El Regreso). Pilgrim has managed to introduce in his compositions many string instruments, skillfully played by guest musicians, that add another dimension to the music. Guest singers, each having his own style, provide a whole new set of emotions and Pilgrim himself surprises us as well by appearing in one of the songs without the trademark distortion. Their debut might be one of the most impressive Electro/ EBM album of the last decade and its amazing that the band managed to top that one. Punto Omega strikes back with full force with Nostalgias Del Origen.

Track list:
1. Parte I: El Destierro
a) Nostalgias Del Origen
b) El Destierro
c) El Ojo
d) Ajenidad
e) La Vida Es Solo Teatro
2. Parte II: El Regreso
a) Carpe Diem
b) Fragmentos Del Alma
c) Falsos Suenos
d) Alma Gemela
e) El Regreso
3. El Ojo-edit version
4. El Ojo-Funker Vogt remix
5. Ajenidad-Dope Stars Inc remix
6. El Ojo-Heimataerde remix
7. Alma Gemela-Hopeless remix
8. La Vida Es Solo Teatro-Ascension remix
9. Ajenidad-Nuclear Noise remix
10. El Ojo-Metallspurhunde remix
11. Carpe Diem-Samsas Traum remix
12. La Vida Es Solo Teatro-Orpheus In Red Velvet remix
13. Punto Omega-interview video

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