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Purson -Desires Magic Theatre lp


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Black vinyl with gatefold cover

Purson made their presence known, as they emerged on the scene in 2013 with their highly acclaimed debut “The Circle And The Blue Door”, gaining mass applause as well as hordes of fans with their impressive talent. A band that amalgamated prog, hard rock and psychedelia with more flair than a pair of 70’s bell bottoms their second album was eagerly awaited by many. From the off, the signature Purson funk is evident, lighting up the speakers with charm, sophistication and shrouded in the heady scent of sandalwood incense, taking the listener on a chilled out, vibe filled trip. Rosalie Cunningham; singer extraordinaire imbues each lyric with soulful underpinnings, harmonising beautifully to produce a tour de force of excellence, through mind boggling melodies and effervescent sound penetrating the ears as well as the psyche. With all ten songs covering a wide range of sounds and with their anchor firmly planted in the soil of a 1970’s rock garden, the variety within offers solid coverage for various genres. Throughout the album they cleverly combine flecks of The Beatles and Iron Butterfly, with Jazz and Prog to create this smorgasbord of tunage, underpinned by superb production, the result is a warm, organic sound, with complex arrangements and superb melodies producing a rich musical landscape.

Track list:
1. Desires Magic Theatre
2. Electric Landlady
3. Dead Dodo Down
4. Pedigree Chums
5. The Skye Parade
6. The Window Cleaner
7. The Way it is
8. Mr. Howard
9. I Know
10. The Bitter Suite

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