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Queensryche – Hear In The New Frontier


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This disc opens with screaming guitars that lead listeners to expect another strong Queensrÿche release. In fact, the opening cut, "Sign of the Times," feels a bit like the fine Rÿche rarity "Last Time in Paris," found only on The Adventures of Ford Fairlane soundtrack LP. However, as it carries on, it becomes clear that, like this album as a whole, the song has a tendency to lose its way, and consistency suffers as a result. There are definitely strong points present on Hear in the Now Frontier, but in general it is portions of songs that stand out rather than entire pieces. "Cuckoo's Nest," a hard-rocking piece, is an exception to that rule, though, being one of the most consistent compositions on display here. On the plus side, the album seems a bit harder edged than its predecessor, Promised Land, and that is definitely good for the older fans of the band. 2003 remastered with four bonus tracks Track listing: 1. Sign Of The Times 2. Cuckoo's Nest 3. Get A Life 4. The Voice Inside 5. Some People Fly 6. Saved 7. You 8. Hero 9. Miles Away 10. Reach 11. All I Want 12. Hit The Black 13. Anytime-Anywhere 14. Spool 15. Chasing Blue Sky 16. Silent Lucidity-MTV unplugged 17. The Killing Words-MTV unplugged 18. I Will Remember-MTV unplugged

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