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Queensryche -Live In Tokyo vhs


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Original 1985 release

From the deep darks mists of time when the members of Queensryche didn’t want to exterminate each other comes this VHS document of a concert in Tokyo. Running at only 50 minutes the gig certainly doesn’t outstay its welcome and the ten tracks on offer are pretty much the bees knees when it comes to showing what this band was about in 1985. The stage isn’t massive and the sound and light show is fairly standard. Iron Maiden circa 1985 this ain’t. However that doesn’t harm proceedings at all. Sure the dodgy 80’s stage clobber dates things but the band here seems tight and on the up and up. Geoff Tate is in fine voice and his theatrical stage presentation is front and centre even at this early stage of the bands career. Highlights will be a matter of taste of course but the band closes out with a tasty rendition of Queen of the Reich that will have you nodding your head in appreciation. Still though, fans of the band need this early live recording

Track list:
1. Nightrider
2. Prophecy
3. Deliverance
4. Child Of Fire
5. En Force
6. Blinded
7. The Lady Wore Black
8. Warning
9. Take Hold Of The Flame
10. Queen Of The Reich

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