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Queensryche -The Art Of Live dvd


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The Art Of Live is a very appropriate title. I think the band and label were onto something bigger then a normal live concert and the idea for this release might have sounded great on paper but I personally feel that the end result actually takes away the feel and energy that you can experience at a Queensryche concert. The band has used amateur and professional footage and filtered them into one sepia tone to try to create a special artistic concert experience. The whole show is based on the Tribe album which is a good things as it was their latest album at the time. If you only want to hear Operation Mindcrime tracks then get the Operation: Live-Crime release instead. Operation Mindcrime was their masterpiece not Tribe but theres no reason for a band to do the same tour over and over again. You have a great acoustic middle section featuring My Global Mind and Roads To Madness. You also have rare live version of Della Brown and for the encore we get special guest appearances from Dream Theater. They join to play two brilliant versions of Comfortably Numb and Won’t Get Fooled Again. The Art Of Live or The Artless Of Live thats up to you. For me it was an idea that backfired but its still Queensryche and history wise its an important part of the bands history as it marks the difficulties that surrounded the band at the time of Tribe.

Track list:
1. Tribe
2. Sign Of The Times
3. Open
4. Losing Myself
5. Desert Dance
6. The Great Divide
7. Rhythm Of Hope
8. My Global Mind
9. Roads To Madness
10. Della Brown
11. Breaking The Silence
12.The Needle Lies
13. Best I Can
14. Comfortably Numb
15. Won’t get Fooled Again
16. Photo Gallery
17. Interview
18. Behind The Scenes

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