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Quorthon –Purity Of Essence 2MC


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Case and cassettes are vg+

Mega rare double cassette in an double cassette case. This is to my knowledge the only official cassette version of this release. Released by Morbid Noizz Productions back in 1997. This Quorthon album was a bad seller when it was released and things didnt help when the label decided to make a more expensive double tape version. Its seems like only a small amount surived as it rarely shows up for sale, not even in Poland.

It’s not Bathory, but it’s not supposed to be. This is a parallel project from Bathory’s founder, Quorthon. He decided after the release of six Bathory albums that he would like to try something different, showing a totally different side of himself. On Album (1994) he let himself be influenced by bands like Black Sabbath and Mountain. Also some punk influences were recognizable (Sex Pistols etc.). This album was recorded in a low class studio in two weeks, using only a guitar, a bass and a drum machine. On Purity Of Essence (1997), the second and final full-length of the project, Quorthon decided to experiment more and more, showing his more rocking side. On this record his inspirations were bands like Sex Pistols, The Beatles and other bands like these. So if you’re a metalhead who wants to be “true” and stick to metal only, this is not for you. If you’re a fan of rock in general, this will probably suit you and if you, like me, just happen to love everything that Quorthon has ever done because you’re that much of a fan, you are most likely going to find some really good material on this double album. The epic style that Quorthon took on with Hammerheart is actually pretty prominent. It’s just not metal, it’s rock. Songs like Deep, When Our Day Is Through and Cherrybutt And Firefly are some examples. Then there are the backbone of the albums that make up most space, like I’ve Had It Coming My Way and Roller Coaster that are pure alternative rock songs. There’s two very mellow songs, Fade Away and Just The Same that includes a guitar and Quorthon’s voice only. These are some interesting numbers if you don’t mind to listen to some mellow material instead of Equimanthorn. You Just Got To Live (which was played on Quorthon’s funeral) closes the album on a positive note and is like nothing I’ve ever heard before. You just got to check it out, so to speak. All in all, it’s a good album and some songs are really well written, although not very complicated and there are certainly some “fillers” but you must remember when listened to it that its NOT a Bathory album, or else this would be a total sore thumb. So you can check this out for name on the front, or you can check it out for the good music on this disc, either way you’ll be rewarded in the end.

Track list:
1. Rock N Roll
2. Ive Had It Coming My Way
3. When Our Day Is Through
4. One Of Those Days
5. Cherrybutt And Firefly
6. Television
7. Hit My Head
8. Hump For Fun
9. Outta Space
10. Fade Away
11. I Want Out
12. Daddys Girl
13. Coming Down In Pieces
14. Roller Coaster
15. It’s Ok
16. All In All I Know
17. No Life At All
18. An Inch Above The Ground
19. The Notforgettin
20. Deep
21. Label On The Wind
22. Just The Same
23. You Just Got To Live

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