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R.E.M. -Zeche Bochum dvd


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Anybody riled up and/or made misty-eyed by the recent R.E.M. tour in which the boys from Athens pulled out all sorts of oldies — this disc’s for you. A vintage German TV broadcast — from the Rockpalast program, source of many a coveted converted-from-P.A.L.-format VHS tape over the years — this captures ’em at an early peak, circa the Fables Of The Reconstruction album. There’s Michael Stipe, bleached blond hair (and newly-shorn locks) and black eyeliner, alternately solemn and sarcastic at the mic; Mike Mills and Pete Buck, still in their bouncing ping-pong balls mode; and Bill Berry, mono-browed and assured at his kit. Ah, the memories. With a setlist well-stuffed with R.E.M. classics and even more classic covers and so many classic momentts (such as Stipe pledging allegiance to the flag to intro “Little America”), how can you pass this up? This TV broadcast absolutely does justice to their natural charisma, their offhand sense humour and their undeniable rock ‘n’ roll prowess. After We Walk Michael says ‘So long’ thinking the show is over, but the band had other ideas, launching into ‘Paint It, Black’ leading to Michael signalling to the guys his surprise, before having to climb back on to the stage to perform the song.

Track list:
1. Feeling Gravity’s Pull
2. Harbour Coat
3. Sitting Still
4. Maps And Legends
5. Fall On Me
6. Green Grow The Rushes
7. Driver 8
8. Hyena
9. South Central Rain
10. Have You Ever Seen The Rain
11. Can’t Get There From Here
12. King Of The Road
13. Seven Chinese Brothers
14. Auctioneer
15. Old Man Kensey
16. Big Little U.S.A.
17. Pretty Persuasion
18. Theme From Two Steps Onward
19. Toys In The Attic
20. See No Evil
21. Second Guessing
22. Ghost Riders In The Sky
23. Don’t Go Back To Rockville
24. We Walk/Falling In Love Again/Behind Closed Doors
25. Paint It Black

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