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Radio Impuls -Rocktails By Impuls MC


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Swedish pressed music cassette. White cassette with blue text.

Radio Impuls was a cassette series made by the multinational cloth company H&M in the early and mid 80s and nowadays it rarely shows up for sale. The name came from the clothing companies new cloth mark Impuls who they had introduced in the late 70s. Impuls was a completely new concept, trendy, youthful and cocky clothes for both teenage girls and boys. In 1985 the Impuls brand was used to promote the A Non Smoking Generation movement. The music pretty much shows what was hot around that time but the real treat is actually the three hidden non smoking messages in Swedish that are exclusively recorded for this tape. What for example are Joey Tempest talking about when he says “..det är nog därför Gunde Svan aldrig varit uppe på topplistan….”. Well you need to get this tape to know

Track list:
1. Fiona Franklyn -Busted Up On Love
2. Working Week -Inner City Blues
3. Time Zone -World Destruction
4. Peo Thyrén -Message From Alex Tyrone
5. Easy Action -Round And Round
6. Culture Club -Love Is Love
7. Loose Ends -Hangin On A String
8. Gigi Hamilton -Message From Gigi Hamilton
9. Style -Telephone
10. Cabaret Voltaire -Sensoria
11. Dark City -False Alarm
12. 21 Strangers -More Cain Than Abel
13. Bedlam -Tiger Feet
14. Fruits Of Passion -All I Ever Wanted
15. Joey Tempest -Message From Joey Tempest
16. Europe -Open Your Heart
17. UB40 -I’m Not Fooled

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Talk Back Studio / Virgin Records

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