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Radiohead ‎–Optimistic dcd


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Radiohead’s second of two nights in Monza (19th of June 2000), continuing to test new material for Kid A and Amnesiac. The band performs Kid A and its a great version in its early stage. Planet Telex made a return to the setlist instead of Climbing Up The Walls. Theres also an early version Pyramid Song and the opening track Optimistic comes out with a different lyrics in the beginning. The odd thing here is probably the second encores where Thom makes a solo acoustic. He starts on Killer Cars but abandon it when he forget the lyrics then comes I Might Be Wrong which is the first time its performed live. Things like this makes it a must have for any Radiohead fan.

Track list:
1. Optimistic
2. Airbag
3. Karma Police
4. Lucky
5. Pyramid Song
6. How To Disappear Completely
7. Street Spirit
8. Bones
9. The National Anthem
10. My Iron Lung
11. Kid A
12. No Surprises
13. Exit Music (For A Film)
14. Fake Plastic Trees
15. In Limbo
16. Talk Show Host
17. Just
18. Everything In Its Right Place
19. Planet Telex
20. Bullet Proof..I Wish I Was
21. Morning Bell
22. Paranoid Android
23. Killer Cars
24. I Might Be Wrong

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