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Radiohead ‎–Rock Am Ring dvd


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Rock Am Ring was originally planned as a one-time festival but due to its commercial success (with 75,000 audience members), it was decided to make the concert an annual event. One of the great groups of the alternative era is the English rock band Radiohead, who were announced to perform at the 2001 line-up of the festival. Radioheads show took place on June 1st and were said to be the bands only gig in Germany that year. Other bands confirmed that year included Limp Bizkit, Guns N Roses and A-Ha. June of 2001 also saw the release of Radiohead 2001 album Amnesiac.

Track list:
1. The National Anthem
2. Morning Bell
3. Lucky
4. Talk Show Host
5. In Limbo
6. My Iron Lung
7. Packt Like Sardines In A Crushed Tin Box
8. Exit Music
9. No Surprises
10. Dollars And Cents
11. Street Spirit
12. You And Whose Army
13. Karma Police
14. I Might Be Wrong
15. Pyramid Song
16. Paranoid Android
17. Idioteque
18. Everything In Its Right Place
19. Airbag
20. Just
21. The Bends
22. How To Disappear Completely

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