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Radiohead ‎–You Could Be President dvd


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At some point in the early 21st century, Radiohead became something more than a band: they became a touchstone for everything that is fearless and adventurous in rock, inheriting the throne from David Bowie, Pink Floyd, and the Talking Heads. You Could Be President was filmed at Tweeter Center in Camden Usa on the 18th of August 2003 where Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks played as opening acts. The band opened with There There and the sound was clear with a nice sounding PA. There were also some surprises like Fake Plastic Tree or the fact that the band totally ignored the Amnesiac album on tonights set list. The nights ends with Everything In It’s Right Place where Jonny Greenwood plays with tape loops of live vocals and other instruments, really bizarre sound experiments while the giant board of lights kept spelling out Forever. All in all a great live show from one of the best Radiohead tours in history

Track list:
1. The Gloaming
2. There There
3. Sit Down. Stand Up.
4. Where I End and You Begin
5. Exit Music (for a Film)
6. Backdrifts
7. Lucky
8. Paranoid Android
9. Sail to the Moon
10. Kid A
11. Go to Sleep
12. Like Spinning Plates
13. I Might Be Wrong
14. Talk Show Host
15. Idioteque
16. Fake Plastic Trees
17. The National Anthem
18. (Nice Dream)
19. My Iron Lung
20. No Surprises
21. Karma Police
22. 2 + 2 = 5
23. Everything in Its Right Place

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