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Raff -S/t lp [gold]


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Gold vinyl with insert and an 8-page 1979-2014 booklet. Limited 150 copies

For whoever lived in Rome the experience of the golden age of Heavy Metal, the magnificent decade of the ’80s, Bianco’s brothers (Chris and Master) Raff represent much more than a simple rock band. Back then Raff was the capital first heavy metal band and the had a loyal following. However their musical history is an unlucky one made of missed chances, shady producers and wronng choices. Every Saturday they had an open rehearsal which turned into a concerts so going to the Raff rehersal was part of the Saturday ritual for every metalhead. EMI took notice of the band early on and in 1980 they financed a 4-track recording and offers the band a contract. However they want the band to sign in Italian which they refuse at the time and the contract never gets signed. Raff acts support act to many major act during their Italian dates, like Gillan and most importantly Iron Maiden during their The Number Of The Beast Italian dates. A picture of the time portrays Bruce Dickinson with a Raff pin on his leather jacket, the same that he wears on the Number Of The Beast album cover. In 1983 the band signs to Rome’s own King Steve Records and records its first full length, but the label turns out to be a fake ripp off label and the album never gets released. A track called I Trust ends up on a compilaton album called Metallo Italia in 1985 and the band then deicides to self finance a studio recording and they release the private pressed 4-track EP Raff in 1985. 4-tracks and a recording that in an honest opinion not really represented the band in their best way. There are several stories about bands like this but the one with Raff is also one full of passions. The fire still burns and 30 years down the road Raff finally released a real fulll length album. Here you have tracks like Raff Force Commandos, Driven Mad, Dreamer who were tracks that forever will will in the heart of those loyal Raffs fans who witness them back then. There are also tracks from Gates Of Fortune, the ghost album from 1983. So these tracks are more than just 40 minutes of great heavy metal, its a dream coming through and a tribute to those years and to all the people who were on this 80s metal journey together with the band or their music.

Track list:
1. Rafforce Commandos
2. Running Like Hell
3. I Trust
4. Rocker
5. Live It Loud
6. Watch It
7. Dreamer
8. Signal From Hell
9. I Want You Now – All For One
10. Driven Mad
11. Gates Of Fortune

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