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Rage -Afterlifelines dlp


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Double album on black vinyls with gatefold cover

German metal band Rage’s 2024 album, Afterlifelines, consist of a total of 21 songs. Its set up by two parts. First out is Afterlife that comprises songs that were recorded as a trio, while the material on the second part, that is called Lifelines, includes classical orchestral arrangements. Since Peavy separated from Victor Smolski in the mid-2010s, who took over composing within the band as a long-time companion during this time, the band’s sound has become much more raw and original again, which fans of the eighties definitely like very good. Afterlifelines marks the band’s 40th anniversary, so to release a massive album that reflects the band’s classic metal sound as well as the classical orchestra years felt like a natural thing. All the material feels very well balanced with fast and mid-tempo numbers. Afterlifelines is an album that should please both old and new fans of the band.

Track list:
LP 1: Afterlife
1. In The Beginning
2. End Of Illusions
3. Under A Black Crown
4. Afterlife
5. Dead Mans Eyes
6. Mortal
7. Toxic Waves
8. Waterwar
9. Justice Will Be Mine
10. Shadow World
11. Life Among The Ruins

LP 2: Lifelines
1. Cold Desire
2. Root Of Our Evil
3. Curse The Night
4. One World
5. It’s All Too Much
6. Dying To Live
7. The Flood
8. Lifelines
9. Interlude
10. In The End

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