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20th anniversary edition with 11 bonus tracks

This album contains several songs that also appear on the Lingua Mortis disc and a lot that are also fan favorites. Hearing “Alive But Dead” in its original incarnation makes it easy to understand why it was chosen to be reincarnated with the full orchestra behind it. The song is musically vibrant ricocheting around inside your head. It’s one of those tunes that once you’ve heard it, you have it in your head forever. “Sent By The Devil” absolutely scorches through your speakers. Tunes like the ten minute “In A Nameless Time” show the experimentation that Rage had been doing long before they began their work with the Lingua Mortis orchestra. Rage was definitely on course toward a more fully fleshed out variety of speed metal. I think Peavy had been trying to take speed metal to new heights with this disc. There is a palpable sense that the band was searching for a new direction in their music. This disc is a must-have for any fan of the current work coming from Rage because it shows the natural progression the band took. The mid-90’s Rage was going through a time of introspection. This disc along with the others of this time allow us a unique look into the transformation process from a straightforward speed metal band to a multidimensional power metal band that is one of the pioneers in the field.

Track list:
1. Black In Mind
2. The Crawling Chaos
3. Alive But Dead
4. Sent By The Devil
5. Shadow Out Of Time
6. Spider’s Web
7. In A Nameless Time
8. The Icecold Hand Of Destiny
9. Forever
10. Until I Die
11. The Rage
12. The Price Of War
13. Start
14. All This Time
15. Chase
16. Black In Mind-demo
17. Sent By The Devil-demo
18. Shadow Out Of Time-demo
19. Alive But Dead-demo
20. A Spider’s Web-demo
21. All This Time-acoustic version
22. Another Wasted Day
23. Transfigured Night
24. The Watcher
25. Through The Barricades

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Dr. Bones Records

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LB 15C1989

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