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Rage -Reflections Of A Shadow/Extended Power dlp


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2023 double album re-issue with bonus tracks

Reflections Of A Shadow turned out to be Rage’s last American release for a long time, the band being an unfortunate casualty of Noise Int.’s label problems and the growing disinterest in all things metal in 1990. ‘Reflections’ at the time was still not up to par of Perfect Man but it was still a quite solid record. The first half of the record is only so-so, with Flowers That Fade in My Hand being a touching tribute to Peavey Wagner’s father, but it slowly builds as the record wears on. By the time you reach the title track, you’ve hit the great tracks that make this album so endearing over time. Rage was slowly blending a better sense of melody, partly due to Wagner’s ever-improving vocals. A larger sense of song dynamics gives the record a wider array of attack. This album also features the Extended power EP from 19991 as well as rare demo tracks

Track list:
1. Introduction (A Bit More Of Green)
2. Thats Human Bondage
3. True Face In Everyone
4. Flowers That Fade In My Hand
5. Reflection Of A Shadow
6. Can’t Get Out
7. Waiting For The Moon
8. Faith
9. Saddle The Wind
10. Dust
11. Nobody Knows
12. Wild Seed
13. Woman-Extended power EP 1991
14. Ashes-Extended power EP 1991
15. Bottlefield-Extended power EP 1991
16. Whats Up-Instrumental-Extended power EP 1991
17. This Thing-demo 1990
18. Leave Me Alone-demo 1990
19. Nerves-demo 1990
20. In The End-demo 1990
21. The Grip-demo 1990

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