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Rage -Spreading The Plague lp


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The Spreading The Plague 2022 EP features three previously unreleased new songs as well as three exciting bonus tracks. Says Peavy: This is a thank-you to our fans who have stood by Rage for so many years. Spreading The Plague consists of the songs To Live And To Die, Spreading The Plague and The King Has Lost His Crown, all three from the production phase of Rage’s 2021 album Resurrection Day and previously unreleased. Peavy explains: These are numbers that we recorded at the same studio quality level as our Resurrection Day material but have deliberately held back until now to have something special up our sleeve for our fans when we’ll be able to tour again at last. Resurrection Day was a major success for Rage: The album scored high chart positions in a number of countries in September 2021, such as number 14 in Germany, number 12 in Japan, number 38 in Switzerland, and a more than impressive numbers 46 and 81 in the US and Canada, respectively.

Track list:
1. To Live And To Die
2. Spreading The Plague
3. The King Has Lost His Crown
4. A New Land-acoustic version
5. The Price Of War
6. Straight To Hell-live from the cave

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SPV / Steamhammer Records

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SPV 245291 LP-EP

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