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Rage -The Missing Link dlp


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30th anniversary press. Double album re-issue with 7 bonus tracks

With ‘The Missing Link’ the band slowed things down and opted for a more midpaced, controlled style that emphasized strong songwriting. Moreoever, Peavey Wagner had gained a degree of singing strength and wasn’t merely trying to hit high notes all the time, letting the listening experience be much more comfortable for the listener. However, his lyrics continued to be very much in the vein of the X-Files. The album’s epic song, ‘Lost in the Ice’, suggests that alien life might be found buried under glaciers. Other songs seem to have more of an Edgar Allan Poe bent to them. For the most part, none of these mid-paced to somewhat speedy songs are huge standouts, but on a whole the consistency of the album makes it a good listen, especially for a long time Rage fan. With a strength of melody being better harnessed, Rage could make claim at creating catchy songs, such as ‘Who Dares’ or ‘The Pit and the Pendulum’. As a result, you get an album that isn’t necessarily going to blow you away on first listen but instead gives you something that will create enjoyment and lasting interest for a long time to come.

Track listing:
1. Firestorm
2. Nevermore
3. Refuge
4. The Pit And The Pendulum
5. From The Underworld
6. Certain Day
7. Who Dares
8. Wake Me When I’m Dead
9. Lost In The Ice
10. Her Diary’s Black Pages
11. The Missing Link
12. Raw Caress
13. Another Kind Of Madness
14. Paranoid
15. Who Dares
16. Another Kind Of Madness
17. Wake Me When Im Dead-various intros
18. Wake Me When Im Dead
19. Rapid Fire

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