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Ragnarok ‎–Diabolical Age dlp [orange]


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Double album on orange vinyls with 4 bonus live tracks.

This album is by far the most passionate album that Ragnarok ever produced. If there was one time where Ragnarok had a image and produced it extremely well, it would most definitely be this album. The atmosphere is a lot like Gorgoroth’s Under The Sign Of Hell. It’s aggressive and cold, but at times, has a nice epic side to it. Keyboard interludes can be heard in some songs, creating the main melody, yet not make the atmosphere loose it’s aggressive feeling. The guitars (obviously) make up the cold atmosphere, except there is a nice, hearable addition of a bass line within this album. In fact, I can firmly say that the bass line within this album is much easier to hear than a lot of other albums, in which there just somewhere is the back of the harmony. Thyme’s vocals are amazing on this album. The vocals are echoed quite often, which creates a dark creepy feeling and image of a voice creeping through the halls of hell. Overall, this album has almost everything you could possibly ask for in Black Metal. It’s passionate, dark, aggressive, and epic.

Track listing:
1. It’s War
2. Nocturnal Spheres
3. Diabolical Age
4. Certain Death
5. The Heart Of Satan
6. Devastated Christ
7. The Key Is Turned For The 7th Time
8. Postludium
9. Certain Death-live in Leipzig 1998
10. It’s War-live in Leipzig 1998
11. The Key Is Turned For The 7th Time-live in Leipzig 1998
12. Postludium Anno 2014-live in Leipzig 1998

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