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Raise Hell -Written In Blood cd


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Raise Hell have really developed their own sound since their first awkward release Holy Target. On their 2015 album, Written In Blood, the band shows that they are on at par with what Children Of Bodom were not long ago. This is a mix of thrashing, screaming vocals with ripping guitar riffs and pounding drums as heard in Dr. Death, Six Feet Under and We Arise. This, combined with the heavier, more melodic songs A Blackened Resurrection, The Bell Of The Reaper and In Cold Blood, give the album another dimension. It’s both harder and faster than their past releases – exploding with energy, it won’t leave anyone untouched. If you havent heard Raise Hell before then check out Writtein Blood, maybe its time for you to discover your new favorite band

Track list:
1. Dr. Death
2. Six feet Under
3. Fallen Domination
4. Demon Mind
5. A Blackened Resurrection
6. The Bell Of The Reaper
7. We Arise
8. Thank You God
9. In Cold Blood
10. Final Hour

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