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Rammstein –Clips And Making Of dvd


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Rammstein was formed in Berlin in 1994 and they released their debut Herzeleid a year later. They toured with Clawfinger then made a 17 show headlining tour in Germany in December that helped boost the band’s popularity and establish them as a credible live act. Their real breakthrough however would come with the Sehnsucht album in 1997 and the German singles Du Hast and Engel. The album reached No. 1 in Germany after two weeks in the charts and simultaneously, Herzeleid and both Sehnsucht singles (Du Hast and Engel) were in the Top 20 of the German charts. The band would just continue to grew bigger and bigger over the coming years, winning awars and playing huge arenas and headlining festivals. Mutter (2001), Reise Reise (2004) and Rosenrot (2005) did nothing to slow down the popularity of the band instead the band were now a global phenomenon and Rosenrot placed itself in top 10 charts in no less than 20 countries. This dvd compiles lots of video clips, live and making of material from the early days up to the album Rosenrot.

Track list:
1. Du Riechst So Gut-video clip
2. Seemann-video clip
3. Rammstein-video clip
4. Engel-video clip
5. Du Hast-video clip
6. Du Riechst So Gut-video clip 1998
7. Stripped-video clip
8. Sonne-video clip
9. Links 2.3.4-video clip
10. Ich Will-video clip
11. Mutter-video clip
12. Feuer Frei-video clip
13. Mein Teil-video clip
14. Amerka-video clip
15. Ohne Dich-video clip
16. Keine Lust-video clip
17. Benzin-video clip
18. Rosenrot-video clip
19. Mann Gegen Mann-video clip
20. Mein Herz Brennt-live Paris 2001
21. Buck Dich-live Berlin
22. Keine Lust-Making Of Documentary
23. Reise Reise-live
24. Keine Lust-live Echo
25. Extra Moscow In Moscow

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