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Rammstein -Made In Germany dcd


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Double cd in digipak cover with Till Lindemann cover

With a title that sums up their admirable refusal to pander to English-speaking audiences, Made In Germany: 1995-2011 celebrates the 16-year career of Neue Deutsche Härte outfit Rammstein, one of the few European rock bands to make any impression in both the U.K. and U.S. Spanning their six studio albums, from the synth-heavy theatrics of Du Riechst So Gut (from 1995 debut Herzeleid) to the glam-tinged vaudeville of Haifisch (from 2009’s Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da), alongside a brand new recording (Mein Land), the 16-track collection certainly justifies their rather provocative reputation. Links 2-3-4 is an aggressive statement of defiance against the allegations of fascism and Nazism that had followed them around ever since they burst onto the scene. Their sole German number one single, the sexually charged Pussy, is here together with the Brothers Grimm-inspired grunge of Rosenrot, the anthemic Sonne, the proggy Keine Lust all help to satisfy the mosh pit-inducing quota, but as evident on the Italo house leanings of Du Hast, the Rage Against the Machine-goes-pop of Engel, and the string-soaked power ballad Ohne Dich, the band has never been afraid to court a more mainstream following either. The bulk of Made In Germany is undoubtedly still an acquired taste, but as an overview of the country’s biggest rock export, it’s a fairly representative collection and showcases them at their best.

Track list:
1. Engel
2. Links 2 3 4
3. Keine Lust
4. Mein Teil
5. Du Hast
6. Du Riechst So Gut
7. Ich Will
8. Mein Herz Brennt
9. Mutter
10. Pussy
11. Rosenrot
12. Haifisch
13. Amerika
14. Sonne
15. Ohne Dich
16. Mein Land
17. Du Riechst So Gut 98-Faith No More remix
18. Du Hast-Jacob Hellner remix
19. Stripped-Johan Edlund Tiamat remix
20. Sonne-Clawfinger remix
21. Links 2 3 4-Westbam remix
22. Mutter-Sono remix
23. Feuer Frei-Junkie XL remix
24. Mein Teil-Pet Shop Boys remix
25. Amerika-Olsen Involtini remix
26. Ohne Dich-Laibach remix
27. Keine Lust-Black Strobe remix
28. Benzin-Meshuggah remix
29. Rosenrot-Northern Lite remix
30. Pussy-Scooter remix
31. Rammlied-Devin Townsend remix
32. Ich Tu Dir Weh-Fukkk Off remix
33. Haifisch-Hurts remix

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