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Rampart -WWII Memories For The Future cd


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Rampart from Bulgaria plays classic traditional heavy metal and they wear their influences on their sleeves and in their songs: most anything from Accept or Iron Maiden to Helloween or GammaRay. Their 2021 album, WWII: Memories For The Future, is a conceptual album and features less known historical facts about the most farflung, destructive, and lethal war. WWII: Memories For The Future marks the end of a global war and reminds us of its aftermath which has laid the groundwork for the world weve known for seventyfive years. Rampart delivers yet another high class female fronted classic heavy metal album

Track list:
1. June 22nd
2. Napalm Stars
3. Entropy Of Mind
4. Twice Occupied
5. Luftraum
6. Stormtalkers
7. Wolfsrudel
8. Overcast Omen
9. Harleys In Berlin
10. Black Sun
11. Now We Are One

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