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Rapid Tears -Cry For Mercy cd


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2016 re-issue with two bonus tracks

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Rapid Tears are one of the oldest Canadian metal bands started back in 1977 but falling apart in 1985. The band released the Honestly full length album, afew singles and then this mini album Cry For Mercy before calling it a day. This is straight on upbeat heavy metal with high pitched vocals. It starts with the two most commercial tracks and I dont mean its way to melodic but the two following tracks; Electric Shockwaves and the title track, Cry For Mercy, sounds heavier both in overall tune and in their guitar work. Its sharp and heavy. The title track starts quite epic and that goes into that gallopping guitar sound that every Maiden fan loves and the high pitched vocalist tones things down a notch as well on this tune. This cd re-issue comes with two bonus tracks taken from the very hard to find Canadain split album The Circuit.

Track list:
1. Tossin Turnin
2. Eve Of Rock
3. Electric Shockwave
4. Cry For Mercy
5. Discontent Intentions
6. Heart Of Predestination

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