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Rasmus Kellerman –The 24th lp


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Black vinyl with gatefold cover

After years of being an artist under a false name, as anyone can imagine, neither Tiger Lou nor Araki was his real name, Rasmus Kellerman felt drained out. He felt that he needed to do something else and decided it was time to become artistically active under his own name. His debut album 24th is very personal and you immediately get the impression that this likable Swede is sitting on the couch with his guitar in your living room and talking about his life. It’s fun to listen to this album and Rasmus does it without big orchestras or complicated riffs. The title track is an homage to his own upbringing and alludes to his date of birth, an honest story that doesn’t give anything away. Best track Woodlands features tracks from Tiger Lou’s debut Is My Head Still On and sets a slightly menacing mood, a song that the album would be better off with more of.

Track list:
1. The 24th
2. The Greatness And Me
3. Five Years From Now
4. Woodlands
5. Something To Build Upon
6. By The Chestnut Tree
7. Talk Of The Town
8. Where Do You Go At Night
9. A House By The Ocean

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STAR 161129-1