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Raven -Faster Than The Speed Of Light 3cd


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Still sealed 3 cd digipak

Collection spanning the decades of athletic rock supremos Raven. Featuring two live albums recorded a decade apart plus a fine collection of covers of the acts who inspired them. Live At The Inferno was released in 1984. Jumping forwards by more than a decade, Destroy All Monsters: Live In Japan was recorded in 1995 at Tokyo’s famed rock venue, Club Citta. As much as Raven had been a huge influence on the metal and thrash of the 1980s, the roots of the band lay in the classic hard rock and even the heavier end of glam of the 1970s. The live albums is some energetic documents of this band and both have some sets of furious, to-the-point songs delivered with honesty and sheer power. As a bonus we get the rare Party Killers album where Raven pay homage to their heroes across eleven cover versions, including the rock classics Fireball (by Deep Purple), Bad Reputation (by Thin Lizzy) and finishing off with the Ziggy Stardust classic, Hang On To Yourself (by David Bowie).

Track list:
1. Intro/Live At The Inferno
2. Take Control
3. Mind Over Metal
4. Crash! Bang! Wallop!
5. Rock Until You Drop
6. Faster Than The Speed Of Light
7. All For One
8. Forbidden Planet
9. Star War
10. Tyrant Of The Airways/Run Silent Run Deep
11. Crazy World
12. Let It Rip
13. I.G.A.R.B.O.
14. Wiped Out
15. Fire Power
16. Don’t Need Your Money
17. Break The Chain
18. Hell Patrol
19. Live At The Inferno
20. Victim
21. Live At The Inferno
22. Crash! Bang! Wallop!
23. True Believer
24. Medley:Into The Jaws Of Death-Hard As Nails-Die for Allah
25. Guitar Solo
26. Medley:Speed Of The Reflex-Run Silent,Run Deep-Mind Over Metal
27. Gimme A Reason
28. Inquisitor
29. For The Future
30. Bass Solo
31. Architect Of Fear
32. White Hot Anger
33. Drum Solo
34. Break The Chain
35. Fireball-Deep Purple cover
36. Bad Reputation-Thin Lizzy cover
37. He’s A Whore-Cheap Trick cover
38. In For The Kill-Budgie cover
39. Is There A Better Way-Status Quo cover
40. Ogre Battle-Queen cover
41. Queen Of My Dreams-The Edgar Winter cover
42. Too Bad, Too Sad-Nazareth cover
43. Cockroach-The Sweet cover
44. Tak Me Bak Ome-Slade cover
45. Hang On To Yourself-David Bowie cover

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