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Rawfoil ‎–Evolution In Action cd


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Italy’s Rawfoil shares most of their Thrash Metal DNA with Exodus with a dashes of Mathcore complexity and Melodic Metal. While unable to match the melodic hooks, vocal delivery and high speed precision of Exodus, the band doesn’t lack for musicianship, effort or inspired song construction. The title track opener ricochets from idea to idea at breakneck speed leaving little time for a listener to engage. It leads with a short and plodding guitar and drum intro, then segues into a metalcore riff before sparring with traditional Thrash and Speed Metal riffs. Evolution In Action is a challenging album that requires multiple listens to appreciate the interplay of Melodic, Mathcore and Thrash Metal elements. Recommended for Thrash Metal fans who have the patience to get beyond a rather thin production.

Track list:
1. Evolution In Action (Darwin Awards)
2. Josey Wales
3. Broken Black Stone
4. Fail
5. Demons Insider
6. Reflect The Death
7. Circle Of Hate
8. Wrath Of War

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Punishment 18 Records

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P18R 136

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