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Rawkon –Street Eagles cd


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Before lead singer Marc Grover joined Rock Boulevard, he was part of the band Rawkon, a great 80s melodic metal band with a couple of rare cassette and EP releases back in the 1980s. These old releases have now carefully been remastered and put out on this album. The sound is a bit raw and rough, edgy at times, but still the real deal for fans of classic 80s melodic metal in the style of bands like Riot, Ruffians, Heir Apparent, Fifth Angel and Leatherwolf.

Track list:
1. Scream And Shout
2. Vicez
3. Marshalls On Ten
4. Street Eagles
5. Reflections
6. Inside My Head
7. Destiny
8. I Know You Know
9. Cry No More
10. Johnys Eyes
11. Times Changin
12. Johnys Eyes-radio edit
13. Times Changin-radio edit

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