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Ray Gillen (Badlands/Black Sabbath/Rainbow) – 5th Anniversary Memorial Tribute


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Although vocalist Ray Gillen first hit the music scene via heavy metal legends Black Sabbath, he was more of a blues-rock singer (à la Robert Plant, Paul Rodgers, Steve Marriott), as evidenced by his work with Badlands. Gillen started out with fronting several regional cover bands, one of which was called Harlett, and in 1985 he joined the outfit Rondinelli, which was founded by former Rainbow drummer Bobby Rondinelli. But before the outfit could issue any recordings, Gillen accepted an offer to join Black Sabbath in late 1986. But Gillen's stint with the Sabs didn't last long, as he split to join up with ex-Whitesnake guitarist John Sykes in Blue Murder. But once more, before the new group issued an album, Gillen was gone. He appeared on the all-star project Phenomena II: Dream Runner but it wasn't long before Gillen longed to be part of a proper, full-time rock group. Gillen hooked up with former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Jake E. Lee (along with his former Sab bandmate, drummer Eric Singer, and bassist Greg Chaisson) in Badlands. Instead of following in the footsteps of their heavy metal past, Badlands were more classic rock/blues-rock-based, returning back to the sound that served as their original inspiration. In the wake of Badlands' break-up, Gillen appeared on albums by Atsushi Yokozeki (Raid) and ex-Dokken guitar shredder George Lynch (Sacred Groove), before forming the short-lived Los Angeles-based band Tariff. Shortly after returning to the East Coast in 1993, Gillen formed Sun Red Sun with former Alice In Chains bassist Mike Starr, guitarist Al Romano, and former Rondinelli bandmate, drummer Bobby Rondinelli. Others involved were Belladonna, Ace Frehley and McCoy man Mike Sciotto, Savatage guitarist Chris Caffery, Gillan and Mammoth bass player John McCoy. But just as the new group was off and running, Gillen was diagnosed with HIV and on December 1, 1993, he died at his New Jersey home due to AIDS-related complications. He was only 32 years old. This 1998 album ‘Ray Gillen '5th Anniversary Memorial Tribute features the very last studio session the band did with Gillen and it took place at the Electric Lady Studio in 1993. This disc also features a few live tracks and some other fluff. ‘Chillin With Gillen’ is just some studio nonsense with Gillen talking about his car. Other than that rest of the material is all different takes on 'real' songs. Do yourself a favor and buy these last recordings by one of the greatest voices of rock Well, I guess money’s no problem, When you’re on your way to hell Track listing: 1. Hardlife 2. Outrageous 3. Lock Me Up 4. I Know A Place 5. Chillin With Gillen (Rays jailhouse confession) 6. Hardlife II 7. Outrageous II (w/Bobby Rondinelli) 8. Lock Me Up II-remix 9. I Know A Place (w/Bobby Rondinelli) 10. Outrageous III (Different Vocal Track) 11. Outrageous IV (Different vocal track low) 12. The Final Curtain (previously unreleased)

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