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Razor –Cycle Of Contempt cd


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Anyone that cut their metal teeth with The Big Four, and then dug a little deeper into the indie scene, should receive a major endorphin rush when they discover that speed and thrash masters Razor are about to release their first studio offering in 25 years. The album, Cycle Of Contempt, is a direct, cutthroat record that pulls no punches and takes no prisoners. From the catchy, concise riffs and insistent beats of album opener Flames Of Hatred to the double-barreled assault, muted power chord chugging and combative gang vocal of album closer King Shit, Cycle Of Contempt is a trenchant reminder of a time when clubs around the world were packed with long-haired bands that played as fast as they could and mosh pits that spun and tumbled like clothes in a short-circuiting dryer. As energetic and exciting as Evil Invaders and as urgent and powerful as Razors 1989 speed-fest Violent Restitution, Cycle Of Contempt showcases a band that never stopped spewing venom and like all Razor albums, it comes at you 1000 mph and never slows down.

Track list:
1. Flames Of Hatred
2. Jabroni
3. Off My Meds
4. A Bitter Pill
5. Crossed
6. First Rate Hate
7. Cycle Of Contempt
8. Setup
9. Punch Your Face In
10. All Fist Fighting
11. Darkness Falls
12. King Shit

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