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Razor -Malicious Intent lp


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2015 reissue on black vinyl on Storm From The Past Records with thick lyric insert

How can you not love a metal album that starts off with someone screaming, “Turn it up! Turn it up louder!” Razor have never strayed from what they love, that is full-speed, blistering thrash metal. “Malicious Intent” is exactly that from beginning to end. Speed, aggression and a punk delivery. Unfortunately due to the fact that they are always going full throttle, there is little room for diversity or memorable song writing. The name of the game here is speed for speed sake. The title track starts off with a cool mid-paced riff but unfortunately this only lasts for seconds before the band puts the pedal to the metal again.

Track list:
1. Tear Me To Pieces
2. Night Attack
3. Grindstone
4. Cage The Ragers
5. Malicious Intent
6. Rebel Onslaught
7. A.O.D.
8. Challenge The Eagles
9. Stand Before Kings
10. High Speed Metal
11. K.M.A.

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Storm From The Past Records

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SFTP 003