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Razor -Violent Restitution lp


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2022 press on black vinyl with poster and lyric insert.

After some internal troubles and (ever lasting) problems with the music industry, Razor came back with some more serious attitude and conviction. Violent Restitution was the last album to feature Stace McLaren on vocals, and while the outcome sounds a little dry at first, the music keeps growing on you the more you listen to it. There’s a lot of devotion and anger put into the songs with lyrics full of hatred, frustration, and violence. As always with Razor albums, most lyrics seem very personal to the band and guitarist Dave Carlo in particular since he wrote nearly all the music here. While this may not be a superior Razor album, one cannot ignore the immense power contained in it.

Track list:
1. The Marshall Arts
2. Hypertension
3. Taste The Floor
4. Behind Bars
5. Below The Belt
6. Ill Only Say It Once
7. Enforcer
8. Violent Restitution
9. Out Of The Game
10. Edge Of The Razor
11. Eve Of The Storm
12. Discipline
13. Fed up
14. Soldier Of Fortune

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