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Red Hot Chili Peppers -Im With You Box with cd and T-shirt


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Deluxe box set with cd and T-shirt in Large

Losing John Frusciante for a second time doesnt send the Red Hot Chili Peppers into a tailspin. By now, the Chili Peppers shed guitarists like a second skin, changing their outer layer but retaining their inner core. Such is the case with Im with You, the bands first album since 2006s Stadium Arcadium. If that double-disc was defined by its unwieldy sprawl, its songs spewed not sequenced, Im with You is characterized by its focus, both within individual tunes and the songs as a whole. New guitarist Josh Klinghoffer — veteran sideman and longtime pal of Frusciante who provided secondary guitar on the closing stretch of the Stadium Arcadium tour — doesnt compete for center stage the way previous Peppers did. He doesnt strut, he weaves, disappearing so completely into the arrangements he doesnt seem to leave his signature despite the heavy layers of guitars on each cut. This makes Im with You the flipside of One Hot Minute, where the Chili Peppers bent over backward to accommodate Dave Navarro: the Peppers dont miss a step, they almost seem relieved to be carrying on without Frusciante. Part of that could be due to a newfound musical elasticity, a reflection of Flea taking music theory classes at USC during the groups half-decade gap between albums. Certainly a song like Happiness Loves Company — half Beach Boys, half Kinks — shows a compositional dexterity unthinkable for previous incarnations of the Peppers, but theres no showiness here, the album is all about precision. This extends to Anthony Kiedis, who neither hams it up on the ballads nor goofs around on his raps, he merely serves the purposes of the song like the old pro he now is. Ultimately, the Red Hot Chili Peppers are served well by that professionalism; theyre long past the point of proving themselves, theyre no longer here for a party, theyre rock & roll lifers, and Im with You illustrates they can settle into maturity convincingly.

Track listing:
1. Monarchy of Roses
2. Factory of Faith
3. Brendans Death Song
4. Ethiopia
5. Annie Wants a Baby
6. Look Around
7. The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie
8. Did I Let You Know
9. Goodbye Hooray
10. Happiness Loves Company
11. Police Station
12. Even You Brutus?
13. Meet Me at the Corner
14. Dance Dance Dance

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