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Redemption -Snowfall On Judgment Day dlp/cd


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Double album on black vinyls with gatefold sleeve and one side lazer etched and the complete album on cd as bonus

When your band contains instrumentalists who have previously been spotted strutting their stuff in the likes of Fates Warning and Prymary, you know that the “prog metal quotient” is going to be quite high. And that certainly proves to be the case with the fifth release overall by Redemption, 2009’s Snowfall on Judgement Day. Added to all the chop-heavy metal is a heavy ’80s metal vibe — due to all the Maiden-esque guitar harmonies, thrash metal guitar chugging, and — of course — the unmistakable vocals of Ray Alder (who has been manning the mike for Fates Warning since 1988). Cases in point include such technically demanding ditties as “Walls” and “Black and White World.” And for anyone doubting how “prog” Snowfall on Judgement Day is, a guest spot by Dream Theater’s longtime vocalist James LaBrie (on the track “Another Day Dies”) should silence any doubters.

Track list:
1. Peel
2. Walls
3. Leviathan Rising
4. Black And White World
5. Unformed
6. Keep Breathing
7. Another Day Dies
8. What Will You Say
9. Fistful Of Sand
10. Love Kills Us All / Life In One Day

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IOMLP 316 / 0505021