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Retaliador –Insane Thrash cd


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Reduced price due to cd showing some small hairline marks

Original Brazilian 2015 press. Limited 1000 copies

From the entrails of Sao Paulo’s underworld comes the bestial speed thrash metal act Retaliador. The band was formed in the summer of 2004. They had major problems to find musicians willing to play this kind of old school thrash metal in a time when this kind of music was forgotten in Brazil. Several demos and rehearsals were released and done before they finally released their debut, Insane Thrash, in 2015. This debut featurse 12 tracks of fast thrash metal done the South American style

Track List:
1. Na Perdicao
2. Violento Ataque Do Inferno
3. Ultra Violencia
4. Criancas De Sata
5. Juquery (Mad City)
6. Matador
7. Insane Thrash
8. Destruicao Apocaliptica
9. Terror Atomico
10. Ritual Saba
11. Culto Sangrento
12. Inverta A Cruz

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