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The Reticent ‎–Le Temps Detruit Tout cd


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Le Temps Detruit Tout from progressive metal North Carolina band The Reticent is one of those releases which does everything right, bringing fine invention, imagination, and thought to its impressive sounds. The only thing it is without is a lasting and memorable presence to remain once its emotive atmospheres have drifted away. This applies to the album as a whole but also to the individual tracks. It is hard to remember what you have just heard within mere moments of its passing except for the final track which is a cover of the REM track Losing My Religion. Whilst in their presence though the songs are superbly crafted and presented. They are unique whilst being familiar suggesting originality is not the over whelming breath of the release and it is fair to say the album is heavily influenced by the likes of Opeth, Porcupine Tree, A Perfect Circle and Tool but it is near impossible to criticise its intelligent creativity and passion. This is the bands fourth and most intense and heart retching work yet. Le Temps Detruit Tout is an album of real and compelling emotion like none other. This is a story that must be taken in from beginning to end to fully grasp its magnitude. Now buy this and enjoy

Track list:
1. Nihil
2. In Pursuit Of Redemption
3. Mutually Assured Destruction
4. Enemy
5. Lie To Me
6. Silence
7. Le Tenia
8. Patience
9. Nihil Ex Nihilo
10. With Folded Arms
11. Losing My Religion-REM cover

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