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Sabbat was an influential and highly regarded UK Thrash band formed by guitarist Andy Sneap, bassist Frazer Craske, drummer Simon Negus and vocalist Martin Walkyier. They were recognized for their unique musical approach as well as lyrics and themes which dealt with Wyrdism, Celtic mysticism and paganism. Craske and Walkyier left the band in 1990, the latter to form Skyclad, while Sabbat’s final album; 1991’s Mourning Has Broken was considered a critical and commercial failure and the remnants of the band split up soon afterward. Martin Walkyier, Frazer Craske and Simon Jones unofficially reformed Sabbat with Skyclad drummer Andy Newby under the name Return To The Sabbat in 2001. The name change reflects the fact that the event was blocked by Andy Sneap. Return To The Sabbat contained great musicians and a singer capable of writing the most amazing lyrics but they had one problem and that was that none of them had previously composed any music, atleast not anything that had been published, besides Simon Jones who had helped out The Best Of Enemies when he stepped in half way during the recording of Dreamweaver. With the goal to become one of the greatest pagan bands of all time the band started spreading promotional dollar bills with the band logo on. However without Andy Sneap to write music the band soon find out that they had problems to take it to next level. The band did Uk shows and performed at festivals but after a couple of years the band disbanded. Besides the promotional dollar bill the band also made this promotional dvdr disc featuring 3 live tracks performed at Highbury Garage on the 22nd of March 2003. This dvdr was sold through Walkyiers own site. Sabbat would later, 2006, officially reformed with their classic 1989 Dreamweaver line-up and the band would continue to play live up until Dec 2010. In a January 2014 interview with Decibel Magazine, Sneap confirmed that Sabbat were “dead in the water”, thus ending the band’s reunion. It is also believed that one of the reasons the band broke up again was due to a feud between Sneap and Walkyier.

Track list:
1. A Cautionary Tale
2. Hosanna In Excelsis
3. I For An Eye

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