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Revel In Flesh -Deathevokation lp [green]


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Original 2012 press on green vinyl with insert, poster and sticker. Limited 100 copies

Debut album from this German death metal act from Swabia. When a new band shows up that takes a name after a Nihilist tune then you have sort of clue of what to expect. Deathevokation fits perfectly into that old school death metal category with that lovely chainsaw guitar tone that propelled the European death metal scene. After the brief introduction to Culpa Et Inferna you can immediately hear the distinct Nihilist-worship in this two-man operation, and it is very powerful. Haubersson’s and Maggesson’s chainsaw guitar tones makes quite the impression and it is here to stay for the entirety of Deathevokation. The album treats you to 10 tracks of pure fleshripping terrordeath that all have their own identities. This album took four years to write and the hard work and patience shows through every guitar note, lyric, and drum beat. Revel in Flesh wanted to create an album that pays a perfect homage to how death metal used to be in Europe and excel at their craft. The buzzing melodies in Shadowbreeder, Wings of Death, Bloodfeast, Black Paled Elegy and Subconscious Error are enough to recommend this to every old-school death metalhead. Well worth checking out.

Track list:
1. Culpa Et Inferna
2. Shadowbreeder – Until Hell Freezes Over
3. Wings Of Death
4. Iron Coffin
5. Bloodfeast
6. Slavish Obedience
7. Opus Putrescence
8. Black Paled Elegy
9. Crowned In Darkness
10. P.T.D.-Master cover

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