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Revenge Prevails ‎–False Hope Cruelty cd [w/signed photo]


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Rare private pressing in digipak that comes with a logo sticker and fully signed promo card

False Hope Cruelty is the second album from the Swedish black metal band Revenge Prevails and it was released in the autumn of 2017. This band was formed in Uddevalla 2008 and they have a sturdy Satyricon-esque second wave foundation and builds on it with some solid death metal bricks. With 71 minutes of content to get through, False Hope Cruelty can be a daunting listen in some ways, but although not perfect, this is still a very strong album and its length hopefully won’t put you off if you’re in the mood for this kind of thing. Production wise its a bit rough around the edges and scream self-produced. The majority of the vocals are traditional blackened screams, with deep grunts adding some death metal muscle to the mix. The album is clearly good when you first approach it, but when you really start to get to know the album that’s when its starts to shine with a real dark lustre. There’s some really, really good material on this album, and Revenge Prevails have shown they are a band that’s worth investing the time in.

Track list:
1. Into The Depths
2. Bliss Is A Hoax
3. Underworld
4. Shapeshifter Dawn
5. Apocrypha
6. The Creation Of Destruction Part II (Minions Of The Gloom)
7. Habeas Corpus
8. Wings Of Wax
9. Roots Like Veins Bleeding
10. My Remedy A Blade
11. Levitate And Linger
12. Memoria

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