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Reverend -A Gathering Of Demons lp


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Black vinyl with insert. Limited 444 numbered copies

A defunct American speed, thrash and power metal band from Seattle, Washington. They formed sometime in early 1989. David Wayne just left Metal Church shortly before this band was assembled. Most of the earliest band members, were recruited from a Los Angeles power metal act named Heretic and the band lasted up to 1993. The band re-united in 2000 and recorded four tracks that they sold as a cdR EP on their website. This vinyl release of that cdR contains a new 2022 vinyl mix of theese four tracks as well as 2 live tracks, a UFO cover track and a rare David Wayne outtake from the recording session. Just listen to Legion, a track that is heavier and has darker lyrics than Fake Healer.

Track list:
1. Massacre The Innocent-2022 mix
2. Down-2022 mix
3. Stealing My Mind-2022 mix
4. Legion-2022 mix
5. Lights Out-Ufo cover
6. Legion-Live San Antonio 2002
7. Start The Fire-live San Antonio 2002
8. David Outtakes In The Recording Studio

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