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Reverend Bizarre -Death Is Glory Now box [3 lp]


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3 lp box set with a 20 page booklet and a slipmat

A box full of rarities with extensive sleeve notes from the sadly deceased Reverend Bizzarre. One of the most eccentric and colourful true doom bands of the last decade. Contains rare EP material and covers from the likes of Beherit, Pentagram, Saint Vitus and Judas Priest. Remember and honour the fallen, never forget the dead.

Track list:
1. Demons Annoying Me
2. Blood Satans Claw
3. Apocalyptic Riders
4. The Tree Of Suffering
5. The Children Of Doom
6. Odinns Men
7. From The Void II
8. Dark World-Saint Vitus cover
9. Broken Vows-Pentagram cover
10. Bend-Mr Velcro Fastener cover
11. Rotestilaulu-Simo Salminen cover
12. Deceiver-Judas Priest cover
13. The Gate Of Nanna-Beherit cover

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