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RevLover ‎–Too Fast For The Competition cd


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RevLover the Los Angeles based hard rock group was very much a big part of music scene in the U.S. and a Sunset Strip show-case group. RevLover composed and performed all original music and existed during the LA rock band scene heyday from 1988-1994. The band toured the U.S. extensively during this period of the time. RevLover’s stage show got finely tuned and expanded to the national stage. Before touring the first RevLover record was recorded and packaged for sale along with a complete merchandise line of records, photos and clothing. The band often crossed paths with many celebrity musicians and would have special guests on stage such as: Don Dokken, Zack Wylde, the late Janie Lane, the late Randy Castillio and other assorted professional artists of the time. RevLover worked relentlessly ultimately coming to another crossroads with departure of guitarist Jonni Rylde; hence, molding their sound into a more stream lined and aggressive super heavy rock group. Moving forward the band and management put it all together to succeed with their second album but the musical landscape ultimately changed to the rise of grunge music. As a result the band decided to repackage itself and end the RevLover group as a working entity in early 1994. As life goes the years roll on and the RevLover master reels were shelved until 2018 when these were dug up and put out on this album so the whole world now can discover this amazing group from an amazing time.

Track list:
1. Wheels of Time
2. Wind Me Up
3. What If
4. Hollywood
5. Out of Hand
6. Keep Your Dreams Alive
7. My Heart
8. Sensationalism Sells
9. We ll Take You Higher
10. Push On
11. Never Say Never
12. Women
13. Livin on the Inside
14. Who You Gonna Love
15. Sorrow Road
16. Cactus Johnny
17. Let it Rock, Let it Roll
18. Boys Gone Wild-live

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